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Basket Arrangement
Rose Double Ended Coffin Spray
Based Cross with Spray
Loose Cushion
Based Heart
Open Contemporary Heart
Mum Tribute
Open Nan Tribute
Based Pillow
Loose Pillow
Based Posy
Loose Posy
Single Ended Funeral Spray
Tied Sheaf Roses
Tied Sheaf 3 Roses
Based Wreath
Mixed Wreath
Pink & Lilac Hand Tied
Pink & Lilac Trug
Blue and White Hand tied with Taupe Bear
Blue and White Hand tied with Blue Bear
Pink and White Hand tied with Taupe Teddy
Pink and White Hand tied
Pink and White Hand tied with Pink Teddy
White Rose & Lily Hand tied
Pink Rose & Lily Hand tied
Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box
Belgian 12 Truffle Ballotin Box
Belgian 16 Truffle Ballotin Box
Glass Billy Vase
Glass Hurricane Vase
Scented Candle by Limelight 9cl
Scented Candle by Limelight 20cl
Scented Candle by Limelight 30cl
Helium Balloon Denoting Occasion
Helium Ballon Denoting Age
White Rose Hand tied
Red Rose Hand tied
Pink Rose Hand tied
White Hand tied
Tulip Wrap
Blue & White Trug
Blue & White Trug With Blue Bear
Blue & White Trug With Taupe Bear
Vibrant Hand tied
Vibrant Trug
Vibrant Vase
Rustic Heart
Lilac Cross
Winter Silver hand tied
Festive Candle Arrangement
Winter Rose Handtied
12 Red Rose Gift Set
Single Red rose Gift
Hyacinth Parlane Jug
Calathea Lancifolia " Rattlesnake Plant"
Alocasia Amazonica Polly "Elephant Ear"
Ficus Benjamina Twilight "Weeping Twilight"
Ficus Benjamona "Weeping Fig"
Cactus Trio
Aeschynanthus Rasta Lipstick Plant
Epipremnum Pinnatum "Devils Ivy"
Begonia Rex
Pepperonis prostrate, String of turtles
Pilea, Chinese money plant
Ficus Elastica, Rubber plant
Euphorbia triangularis Cactus
Monstera Deliciosa, Swiss cheese plant
Ceropegia, string of hearts
Sansevieria Trifasciata, Mother in Law’s tongue
Sansevieria, Snake plant
Alocasia Stingray
Tradescantia spathacae
Opuntia, Bunny Ears Cactus
Pepperomia Raindrop
Callisia Turtle Vine
Aloe Zebrina, Danyz
Begonia, iron cross
Flying angel
Fabric angels
Fabric Hanging Trees
Mini bauble gift bag
Pink fluffy Christmas Gnome
Home for Christmas sign
Nikki gold hanging leaves
Gold monkeys
Candle holder inc candles brass lid
Candle holder inc candles zinc lid
Cactus Mister
Tea light metal house
Wooden Christmas ornaments
Hand painted Wooden guard
Standing Santa
Scissor and twine spool
Mr and Mrs mister and pot
Alocasia Lauterbachiana, large elephant ear plant
Mixed ferns
Picea Conica, Christmas tree
Aqua reactive glaze planter
Vigo Concrete Grey Planter with Stand
Nantes Planter Taupe
Pisa Emerald or Mustard Planter
Terni Planter Denim
Nkuku Wire Reindeer
Nkuku Glass Baubles
Nkuku Glass baubles, droplet
Nkuku Coloured Glass baubles, pear
Wooden sitting Hare
Nkuku Zinc Mirror
Cast iron utility Scissors
Wooden Whale
Amber and Maple Glass Baubles
Monstera Deliciosa, Swiss cheese plant Extra Large
Olive tree
Macrame plant hanger
Eucalyptus Wreath
Winter brick mould table centre
Bee bomb
Danoa giant bauble
Harini giant baubles
Ilex with zinc container
Belly baskets
The Traditional Wreath
The Festive Wreath
Happy, Wakey, Cheeky
Azalea gift with pot